Present ~ 2011
  • 2021 Selected as an Excellent Partner of Hyundai Construction “H-beyond”
  • 2020 Selected as Excellent Company of POSCO E&C
  • 2019 Merged with HKR. And Changed company name to UnisonHKR Co., Ltd.
  • 2018 Opening of the Global offices in India to cater to Indian& Middle East markets
  • 2017 Qualified to supply parts for power plants to Russian nuclear power plants ROSATOM
  • 2016 Obtaining OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupation Health & Safety Management
    Renewed ASME 'NS' Certification & Acquired 'NPT' Certification
    Top 10 Million Dollar Export Award
  • 2015 Registration of ESCO
    5 Million Dollar Export Award
  • 2014 Best small and medium sized export firm
  • 2013 Make an agreement on cooperative development with HYUNDAI Heavy Industries
    Establish a strategic alliance with Stejasa
    Obtaining CE(CPD) Certification
    1 Million Dollar Export Award
  • 2012 Acquired certification for reliability in component and material
    Acquired certification for verification of new environment technology
  • 2011 Founded UNISON eTech Co., Ltd
    Acquire share HKR Co.,LTD
2010 - 2001
  • 2010 Acquired patent for Bridge expansion joints
    Acquired Green Technology Certification
  • 2008 Awarded Grand Prize for Excellent Green Energy Company for three consecutive years
  • 2007 Awarded KDB Global Star
  • 2006 Acquired ISO 14001 certification (KSA ?All Categories)
    Selected Excellent Quality Competitiveness Business for ten consecutive years by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
  • 2004 Awarded Grand Prize for International Standard System Management Award (ISSMA) by Korean Standards
    Awarded Silver Tower Industry Medal of Honor by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • 2003 Grand Prize for Korea Quality Award by Ministry of commerce, industry and Energy
  • 2002 Acquired Reliability Mark to port bearing, elastic bearing by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
  • 2001 Completed integration of Cheon-An factory
2000 - 1984
  • 2000 Grand Prize for Civil Engineering by Korean Society of Civil Engineers
  • 1999 Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 1998 Promising Export Small and Medium Business by Small & medium Business Corporation
  • 1997 NA, NPT STAMP certification by American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    KEPIC-MIN(Nuclear Energy Equipment) Quality Assurance Certification
    Presidential Commendation for Excellent Capital Goods by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
  • 1996 EM Mark by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
    (Elastic bearing for high-speed rail way, Seismic bearing)
  • 1995 Presidential Award for Quality Management
  • 1994 ISO9001 Certification (KSA-QA, All Categories)
  • 1992 Best Small and Medium-Sized Company
    Presidential Award for Excellent K.S Company
  • 1984 Founded UNISON Co., Ltd.